Why We Do What We Do.

We incorporate art, storytelling, movement and STEAM activities. Play provides a shared language regardless of culture or age using tangible and interactive tools tapping into children’s ability to imagine and make sense of life’s challenges. It’s about fun….and it’s about doing!

We combine a positive psychology and a growth mindset approach to give children skills to deal with BIG emotions using these principles.

Awakening kids creative

We awaken kids creative and develop their problem solving skills equipping them with skills that will make them future ready. Download our free activities for kids for a taste.  

Developing critical thinking

We teach kids how to think, not what to think. Children who can think with a growth mindset can overcome challenges and confidently deal with mistakes.

Creating kids who can confidently deal with mistakes.  

Telling children that mistakes are okay is not enough. We challenge them to deal with the big emotions that come with mistake making and face it with a growth mindset. Our Mistake Maker programs will give your child the skills to be a Mistake Maker!

Developing kids patience

Our workshops use the principles of the slow movement. It’s about the journey and not the destination. When kids tell us they have finished, we challenge them to add more to make it interesting and slow down. 

Developing fine motor skills

All our workshops provide messy play and tactile experiences which assists with hand eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills development. We provide everything and clean up the mess.

Teaching kids to be friends and leaders

All of our programs give children the opportunity and skills to identify and celebrate their own special qualities and show respect for the unique strengths in others. This is an essential part of children’s well being and social development.

Mastering an art technique and over coming challenges provide powerful reminders of a child’s ability long after the paint dries or the activity finishes. We know that sometimes it can be a bit daunting to try something new or leave mum and dad. Our classes are a safe way for children to develop children’s independence. It’s also a great way for them to try new things. It’s okay to be nervous but it won’t last long at our workshops.

Growing engaged learners that will keep trying

We teach children that learning is not a straight line. It’s a squiggly one where you go forward, backward – even side ways. By developing their growth mindset they learn that they will learn when they think helpful thoughts to tackle a problem. We teach kids to listen and then change their thoughts. “I can’t” becomes something like to “This is hard but I will try”

Teaching kids how to be boredom busters.

We give children the tools to create their own adventures and entertain themselves. No screens, no art by numbers, no boring holiday care. Lots of play and exploration through art and play to create their own unique art pieces they will be proud of!

Check out our awesome kids school holiday activities. 



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