Providing parents engaging art and play kids workshops and resources to develop resilience in their children.

Are you looking for ways to support your child’s mental health and reduce their anxiety?

If your kids love to be creative but you’re not sure where to begin, consider signing them up for one of our art classes for kids.

Our fun and engaging workshops are designed to keep even the most finicky children entertained, while also helping them develop important life skills.

At Strength Heroes, we use art and play to teach kids resilience and other valuable skills.

Our art classes, designed for children ages 6-12, are specifically geared towards building creativity, growth mindset, and self-esteem.

By learning to confidently navigate mistakes and challenges, kids gain the tools they need to manage their anxiety and succeed in life.

We offer a variety of programs, including school holiday activities, school incursions, and community workshops, so your child can explore their creative side in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

Plus, our founder and Resilience Educator, Fiona Perrella, was a finalist in the Commissioner for Children and Young People Mental Health Educator category of the WA Mental Health Awards in 2022.

Join us and give your child the gift of creativity, resilience, and confidence today!


Does your child struggle with perfectionism or have a hard time accepting mistakes? Help them build resilience and confidence with our creative art workshops!

Whether you have a budding artist in your family or just a child who loves to explore their creative side, our engaging and fun workshops are the perfect way to keep them entertained and teach them valuable life skills. At our workshops, we encourage kids to think with a growth mindset and let their creativity flow through a variety of mediums, including painting, clay, drawing, sculpting, design, and construction.

We teach them to be kind to themselves and accept the learning process, regardless of their artistic ability.

Our approach not only fosters creativity and imagination but also helps kids manage anxiety and develop resilience in the face of challenges.

Whether you’re looking for a new activity to try during school holidays or want to give your child an opportunity to explore their artistic side, our workshops are the perfect solution. Join us today and help your child unlock their full creative potential!




Our 6 free downloads are full of creative ideas for kids that will inspire your children. Many of these activities we use in our art classes, with fun resources available. As a result, these downloads are guaranteed to fight boredom especially during school holidays or lockdowns.


Our two day Mistake Maker workshop is our signature school holiday programs. In our Mistake Maker program kids explore mistake making.


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