Supporting Educators To Develop Emotional Regulation Skills In Students

Imagine if your students could easily recognise their emotions, calm themselves and keep trying. How much more effective would their learning be? We work with schools to run incursions, professional development and customised solutions such as parent and children workshops to develop resilience in your school community. 

Our incursions are designed to assist children identify how they feel and give them tools and strategies to adopt a growth mindset. This gives them the confidence and ability to cope with challenges so they are ready to learn.

Our incursions support development of 21st century learners by education through creativity and health literacy.  Our work also support The Education Department of WA, Focus 2022 document which has a focus on wellbeing especially in the post COVID world.

Specifically, our incursions link to the learning areas of personal and social competence, literacy, language, health, arts, humanities and social sciences, science, sustainability and design technologies. General skills of critical and creative thinking, ethical and intercultural understanding are embedded in all Strength Heroes incursions.

It’s simple to link our incursion activities to the WA curriculum. We can provide a comprehensive list of skills that the student will learn, curriculum links and assist you to select the relevant incursion that links to your needs. Click on Download our Incursions Brochure for more details of each incursion.  

As part of our Wellbeing Week celebrations in 2021 we wanted the students to engage in activities that aligned with our school values, mental health strategies and programs such as the Zones of Regulation.

Watch Fiona Perrella, Resilience Educator As She Explains Our Wellbeing School Incursions.

Our incursions are effective because they are play based. We use a play approach because it is the fundamental way for students to learn. Instead of talking about what a mistake feels like and what they can think, say and do, we create a safe space for children to “thinker.” For example, when a student masters a skill, we have an opportunity to create a teaching moment. How do we do this? We let children feel the emotion and then give them tools and strategies to keep developing a growth mindset.  

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Are You From Highschool?

Our young adult wellbeing workshops are more than a lecture in resilience or a lesson on art. We use art to teach your students or young people how to think with a growth mindset, how to apply mindfulness principles to keep trying, understand and accept their emotions when they are in the learning zone. Lisa Ravenscroft from Alta One College explains the value of the incursions for their students. We work with schools and students to deliver presentations and workshops. Click here to download.