Our Art And Play Based Workshops

Our art classes for children are a perfect way for kids to let their creativity flow and learn new skills such as painting, sculpture, print making, drawing and clay making.  All of our workshops come with a dose of resilience which give kids skills to confidently deal with mistakes and life’s challenges.

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School Holiday Activities

Fun and entertaining, our school holiday workshops are the perfect way to keep your kids engaged during school holidays.  Choose from a range of one day classes.  All our workshops gives children tools and strategies to deal with the big emotions that come when kids make a mistake or feel like giving up.  We teach kids in a fun way how the brain works and how to emotionally regulate to keep trying and be brave.  We also develop their self esteem with activities to identify their strengths and how amazing they are.   

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Mistake Maker 2 Day Workshop

Imagine your child dealing with mistakes and facing worries with confidence and a growth mindset.

In our signature two day art and play program, kids will explore the art of being and thinking like a Mistake Maker through:

  • creating three “make-something-great-from-a-mistake” art projects;

  • learning strategies to think with a growth mindset and react with confidence and resilience when mistakes happen;

  • learning about famous Mistake Makers in history; and

  • improving their problem solving skills through creative art projects and STEAM challenges.

In this art class for kids they will let their creativity flow as they complete artsy activities of Zen tangling, painting, drawing to scale, calming colouring in, weaving and clay sculpting. Not only will your child learn some new art skills, they will also learn resilience and mindfulness techniques and receive our BAT and Wizzy Dizzy to help manage their emotions when BIG emotions strike.

This fun and engaging workshop uses art and play activities to teach kids the skills to cope with uncertainty and mistakes.  If you would like more information or to be notified of the next workshop dates join our Mistake Maker waitlist.  

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