Mistake Maker Camp

Our two day kids art class, Mistake Maker Camp workshop is our signature school holiday programs. In our school holiday workshop explore mistake making. They will learn how to deal with mistakes and face worries with confidence and a growth mindset. In our Mistake Maker camp kids will explore the art of being and thinking like a Mistake Maker through:

  • creating three “make-something-great-from-a-mistake” art projects;
  • learning strategies to think with a growth mindset and react with confidence and resilience when mistakes happen;
  • learning about famous Mistake Makers in history; and

They will let their creativity flow as they complete artsy activities of Zen tangling, painting, drawing to scale, calming colouring in, weaving and clay sculpting. Your child will be surprised by how much they can achieve through thinking and behaving with a growth mindset.

Not only will your child learn some new art skills, they will also learn resilience and mindfulness techniques and receive our BAT and Wizzy Dizzy to help manage their emotions when BIG emotions strike.

Please note, this is not an overnight camp. Children come for each day between 9-3.30pm.

You can also purchase our NEW Calm Corner Kit with your ticket and we will have it ready for you to pick up free at the workshop.

There are currently no dates confirmed for this event.

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