Calm Corner Kit

(Physical Product)


Introducing our Calm Corner Kit, a treasure trove designed to guide your child on their emotional well-being and self-regulation journey. As they grow, your little ones will experience a kaleidoscope of emotions, some of which can be challenging to deal with. Our Calm Corner Kit has been designed to build resilience and encourage self-awareness, helping your little ones to develop the tools they need to navigate their emotions and changing circumstances as they grow.

Inside our Calm Corner Kit

🌈 Calm Corner Box

Our Calm Corner Box is more than just packaging; it will be home to your child’s DIY creations and personal calming essentials, becoming a symbol of safety and tranquillity.

🎨 Calm Corner Tape

Transform any space into a sanctuary with our special tape. Use it to mark the boundaries of the Calm Corner, a space where your child can self-regulate and explore their emotions.

🌀 Emotions Wizzy Dizzy

Our Emotions Wizzy Dizzy is a wonderful tool that will help your child to identify and understand their emotions, fostering emotional intelligence and self-reflection.

📖 Parent Guide

Our Parent Guide offers insights and practical tips on setting up a Calm Corner at home. Our Parent Guide is more than just a handbook; it’s designed to be a companion and support system for you on your parenting journey.

🧴 Instructions & Supplies needed to make fidget aids

Calm Jar

Our Calm Jar is a mesmerising creation that will captivate and calm your child, guiding them towards emotional equilibrium.

Balloon Squishy

Your child can squeeze away stress with our Balloon Squishy, a tactile tool designed to comfort and soothe.

Peaceful Painting

With their Peaceful Painting, your child can express their emotions using vibrant colours and strokes.

Our Calm Corner Kit will help your child to develop:

🌟 Emotional Resilience

Empower your child to navigate life’s ebbs and flows by giving them the guidance and tools they need to develop emotional resilience.

🎭 Self-Awareness

Your child will gain a deep understanding of emotions, which is the foundation needed for the development of self-awareness.

🎨 Creative Expression

Your child can unleash their creativity through art-based activities, fostering a sense of calm and accomplishment.

Our Calm Corner Kit will allow your child to learn, explore and create in a way that helps them to better navigate their feelings. Order your kit today!


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