Inkspots - Perseverance and Print Making

Unleash Your Inner Animal: An Ink-tastic Printmaking Adventure!

Calling all curious creatures! Ever wondered what kind of animal you’d be? Join us for an Inkspots, Perseverance & Printmaking workshop where you’ll transform into your wildest self!

Here’s the roaring good time you can expect:

  • Become a Printmaking Explorer! Discover a whole jungle of printmaking techniques: nature printing, found object printing, stamping, foam printing, and even glass printing!
  • Imagine Your Animal Spirit! Is it a majestic lion, a playful dolphin, or a mythical creature straight out of your dreams? We’ll help you bring your animal persona to life through amazing printed creations.
  • Embrace the Unexpected! Printmaking is full of surprises! Learn to love the “cause and effect” nature of this art form, where your creativity meets a touch of happy accident.
  • Develop Growth & Perseverance! Creating amazing prints takes a bit of practice, and that’s where the fun begins! You’ll learn perseverance and problem-solving skills as you explore different printing techniques.
  • Transform Ideas into Art! We’ll use exciting materials like foam and cardboard to transfer your designs and create a one-of-a-kind printed masterpiece of your animal identity!

This exciting workshop is perfect for young adventurers (age range) who want to explore their creativity, embrace new challenges, and unleash their inner animal spirit!

Sign up today and get ready for an unforgettable printmaking adventure!

4 July, Inkspots: Perseverance and Printmaking, Ages 6+, Perth College, Mount Lawley.

9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

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