Meaningful Experiences as Christmas Gifts for kids

Are you looking for Christmas gifts ideas for kids? Stocking fillers usually include toys, clothes, and gadgets.  Toys are great for kids, especially for imaginative play, but they add to the stuff that clutters your home. All of these things add to all the other stuff kids have and can clutter your home. These gifts can often end up as landfill or things you need to post on your local buy nothing page.

So how can you balance out the material Christmas gifts for kids? Why not give them meaningful experiences, those that they can learn from and cherish the memories for a long time?

According to psychologist and author Oliver James kids value, experiences, travel, vacations, and quality time with people that matter. James found that when the experience matches the children’s interests, they remember moments in time far longer than any other material gift.

By giving Christmas gifts for kids that are experiences they will create precious memories and have the chance to develop new skills.

Great Christmas gifts ideas for kids could be a visit to the museum or enrolling them in kids’ art classes. This Christmas you can book your kids into school holiday activities. Our fun activities for kids provide other benefits to you and your children.

It’s your chance to rest and recharge without the kids

Signing up your children to school holiday programs gives you a chance to leave them to reliable facilitators and have a day for yourself. Caring for children can be exhausting, and you deserve some “me time!” If we get tired and burnt out we tend to get moody and loose interest in doing things with our kids. Recharging will uplift your mood and give you more energy to spend time with your kids.

Kids can get messy, and you don’t have to clean them

Creative kids love to experiment and get messy! By joining our art and play-based workshops, they can make all the mess they want. The fun part here is that you won’t have the responsibility of cleaning up after them.

Fun activities for kids for building resilience

Our workshops and school holiday activities here at Strength Heroes come with a dose of resilience. This is where they can experience and learn the life skills that they need to grow up with a healthy mindset. With proper supervision from qualified facilitators, we let them make mistakes, make their own decisions, learn from experiences, and develop discipline and respect.

Have fun with other kids and gain new friends

Part of building resilience is learning to get along well with others. Workshops are a perfect way for kids to meet and play with other kids, build and improve their social skills, and earn lifelong friends.

Invest in your kid’s interest

Ask your children about their interests. This will help them develop talents and skills relevant to their interests. It also signals you are supportive you are of their interests. Do they like art? How about singing? There are different workshops for kids, and you can enroll them in as many as they want without spending a lot.

Take a look at our upcoming holiday workshops and gift your kids worthwhile experiences this Christmas! Our school holiday activities for kids in Perth make great presents from Grandparents or Aunties and Uncles. No more, coaching your kids to say thank you for presents they don’t like.