30 Calming Corner Ideas for Children: Creating a Peaceful Oasis

Introducing a calm down kit in your home or calm corner classroom can be a wonderful way to help children manage their emotions and find tranquility in moments of stress or when they are overwhelmed. Whether it’s a challenging day at school, a moment of frustration, or just a need for some quiet time, having a specially curated kit in their calming corner can make a big difference.

Here are 30 calm down corner ideas to consider when assembling a calming corner for your child:

1. Soft Plush Toy

A cuddly friend can offer comfort and a sense of security.

2. Stress Ball

Squeezing a stress ball can be a satisfying way to release tension.

3. Favourite Book

Reading or looking at the pictures of a child’s favourite story can transport them to a different world.

4. Picture Book

Create a mini-photo album of cherished memories. Print out photos of special people in your child’s life. Big W has an affordable range of photo albums and while you are you can print out your special photos direct from your phone using their app.  

5. Fidgets Toys

These toys are designed to provide a sensory distraction. You can find stacks of fidget toys Kmart

6. Smells

A gentle scent can soothe the senses. Certain smells can have a calming effect on children. Consider introducing calming scents like lavender, chamomile, or vanilla into their environment. You can use essential oils, scented candles, or even dried herbs. The soothing aroma can help create a peaceful atmosphere and promotes relaxation for your child.

7. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Block out unwanted noises for a peaceful experience. The Therapy Store has an affordable option in a range of colours that grow with your child.

8. Balloon Squishie

The tactile sensation of squishing something can be soothing. In our Calm Corner Kit you will find everything to make one of these retro toys.

9. Puzzles

Engaging puzzles can shift focus and relax the mind.

10. Watercolor Set

Painting can be a creative and calming outlet. Painting a picture of a place where they feel safe can also be calming.  Everything your child needs to create a Peaceful Place watercolour painting of their imaginary or real place in our Calm Corner Kit

11. A Letter or Drawing from a Loved One

A heartfelt note can bring comfort. Ask one of the special people in your child’s life to write them a note with a helpful message. It can include what the person thinks is special about the child. It could also be a reminder that emotions are normal and how they calm themselves when they have big feelings. 

12. Calm Jar

Watching the glitter settle can help ease a racing mind. For a sensory bottle DIY, our Calm Corner Kit (coming soon) has all the materials, ingredients and instructions to make their own.

13. Mindful Colour In

Colouring in fosters focus, relaxation, and a calming effect. Click here for all our calm free printables.

14. Nature Sounds music

Listen to sounds of nature to relax in the calming corner. Search Nature Sounds on Spotify for some very calming bird, rain and ocean sounds. We love this one.

15. Scented Play Sand

Creating designs in scented sand can be therapeutic and doing it with sand dough takes it to a whole new creative level. Check out Scentos Sand Dough.   

16. Breathing Techniques

Teach children calming breathing techniques is a very important way of developing your child’s ability to emotionally regulate. For three types of breathing click here to watch our video

17. Lava Lamp

Watching the bubbles can be mesmerising. We like this one from Sensory Kingdom.

18. Roll bare feet over a spiky ball

The gentle pressure and sensory stimulation on the soles of their feet can help relax their muscles and release tension.

19. Mini Fan

Feeling a breeze can be soothing.

20. Strength Stones

Smooth stones to hold and rub for comfort are a great tactile object for children to hold. Writing special strength words with paint pens such as Posca pens is a great way for children to remember qualities and gentle reminders in the calming corner. Words such as brave, kind and calm are a great start.

21. Chewable Necklace

For children who find oral stimulation calming.

22. Tracing Sheets

The motion of running fingers or over a tracing sheet can help a child calm down by providing a repetitive and soothing motion that engages their focus, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety through its rhythmic and tactile nature.

23. Sensory Bin

Create a sensory-rich bin with various textures. The folks at Little Bins, Little Hands have a great guide for creating your own sensory bin. 

24. Dot to Dot

Connecting the dots in a dot-to-dot activity can help a child calm down by providing a focused and soothing task.

25. Soft Blanket

Wrapping up in a soft blanket can feel like a warm hug.

26. Doodling

Children who come to our kids art classes love our Mr Squiggle inspired doodles. Now you can download them free along with our other calm down corner printables. 

27. Sticker Sheets

Decorating can be a fun and soothing activity. Our Calm Corner Kit comes in a box that is ready for children to personalise and decorate with stickers. 

28. Small Musical Instrument

Have you heard of a Kalimba or a thumb piano? Playing a gentle tune can bring comfort and provide a focus for busy mind and hands in their calming corner.

29. Blowing Bubbles

The rhythmic breathing and focus required to create bubbles engage the parasympathetic nervous system and promotes relaxation.

30. Calm Down Cards

Children can choose their own calming exercises for kids from one of our 32 calming down strategies in our Calm Cards. 

A calm down kit is an effective addition for a space where a child can retreat to find peace and relaxation. Tailor the items to your child’s preferences and needs, and encourage them to explore different items to discover what brings them comfort. Our Calm Corner Kit is an art and play based sensory kit that can serve as an essential tool for building emotional resilience and self-awareness as they navigate the ups and downs of growing up. It’s also comes in a sturdy magnetic box that children can store the DIY activities they make and some of the things from this list. 


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