Architect for a Day

Is your child a hands-on learner who likes to create things from scratch? This Architect for a Day workshop with Strength Heroes is a fantastic way to get your child into a creative environment that will help them thrive.

Forget toys and Lego, this is the real deal! Get your kids involved with this class so they can let their creativity run free in this STEAM workshop with a difference.

Throughout this Architect for a Day class, the kids will be guided by Strength Heroes’ architect and model maker. They will learn special tips and tricks for designing and building their own structure from scratch – either real or imagined. Kids will be encouraged to develop their ideas, and to create a structure they wouldn’t have thought was possible! There is no workshop like this in Perth!  We keep this workshop small to ensure we maximise each child’s experience. Only six places available. Kids are welcome to bring their own ideas on what type of building they would like to make.

There are currently no dates confirmed for this event.