Dream Catcher and Worry Chasers

Does your child need extra tools to deal with worries, disappointments and making mistakes?  In this very special kids art workshop, children will explore how to catch, challenge and change worries to be a Worry Chaser.  Perfect to set kids up for dealing with worries.  They will explore and learn tips and tricks to help them think with a growth mindset and put worries into perspective.  Our art and play activities will include painting and sculpture.  Kids will make a dream catcher and special calm down tools to remember how to tame their worries long after the workshop.

At the end of this school holiday workshop, kids will be left feeling creatively fulfilled, and armed with new skills to deal with worries. Your child will also get to take their home their final pieces so that you can hang it in their special place.

There are currently no dates confirmed for this event.