Lessons for life: Teaching kids strengths to be brave and resilient

resilient children

An important lesson for life is teaching children that they can draw on their strengths to overcome challenges.  Strengths are the unique qualities, skills, or attributes that individuals possess and excel in. They represent areas of natural talent, competence, or proficiency that contribute positively to a person’s abilities and potential for success. Identifying and understanding…

First Day Back to School: Parents Ultimate Guide for a Smooth Start

In preparation for a good first day back to school, we sought advice from local teachers  who regularly engage with us during incursions. We were blown away by their invaluable insights to help parents ready their kids for learning success. Ensuring children are ready to learn involves meeting their basic needs. Starting from the foundation,…

How to develop resilience by avoiding labelling your children.

“She is a picky eater”, “He is lazy”, “She’s a perfectionist” are all examples of some of the things we say to undermine all the things we do to develop resilience in children. In this blog we outline how to focus on what behaviour needs to change.

Fiona’s reason she does what she does

Fiona Perrella Resilience Educator

 Hi, I am Fiona Perrella, Resilience Educator and a Mistake Maker. I started my working career as a Human Resources professional, Management Consultant, Trainer and Life Coach working with organisations and individuals to assist people challenge their thinking and change their behaviour to achieve success. Just because a child can tell you that mistakes are…