Conversation Starters: Talking to Your Child About Their Strengths

Fiona loves conversation starters. She has used them throughout her professional and personal life in so many situations. Conversation starters are more than great icebreakers.  They turn an I don’t know into a question that starts a spark. They provide a framework for an answer.  What are conversation starters? Conversation starters are prompts or questions…

5 Self-Esteem Activities for Kids: Fostering Engagement in Learning

self esteem activities for kids

In this blog we will share some of our favourite self-esteem activities for kids that we use in our kid’s art classes.  Let’s begin with the critical role of self-esteem as a linchpin for a child’s engagement in learning and we share ten art activities to enhance their sense of self-worth. As parents and educators,…

First Day Back to School: Parents Ultimate Guide for a Smooth Start

In preparation for a good first day back to school, we sought advice from local teachers  who regularly engage with us during incursions. We were blown away by their invaluable insights to help parents ready their kids for learning success. Ensuring children are ready to learn involves meeting their basic needs. Starting from the foundation,…

Positive Parenting Guide for 2024

As we step into the promising canvas of 2024, now is the perfect moment for parents to embrace positive parenting and set the stage for a year of growth and joy for their children. By focusing on reflection, identifying strengths, and fostering open communication, you can create an environment that propels your child towards success….

Meaningful Experiences as Christmas Gifts for kids

Kids art class

Are you looking for Christmas gifts ideas for kids? Stocking fillers usually include toys, clothes, and gadgets.  Toys are great for kids, especially for imaginative play, but they add to the stuff that clutters your home. All of these things add to all the other stuff kids have and can clutter your home. These gifts…


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